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It's part sales, part marketing, part branding, part market research and development.

But most of all, it's an art whose masters have made millions.

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Raymond Chip Lambert

Raymond Chip Lambert
CEO of Network2Networth, LLC
Business Development Expert

Raymond Chip Lambert is a Business Development expert who works exclusively with seasoned professionals to leverage their existing relationships and catapult them into the business they truly want.

Chip began his career as an analyst and trader for a European Hedge Fund building relationships in the Latin American and European Markets resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions.

A professional trainer and business coach since 2000, Chip regularly consults professional firms on matters of melding time tested Business Development strategies with online Social Media strategy and unlocking the value of their existing network connections.

He has presented on matters of Business and Network Development to The Arizona Bar Association Solo and Small Practitioner Forum, The Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, the Phoenix Suns, and various trade and professional associations.

A native of Phoenix, Arizona, he admits that he “loves his work a little too much”, but he does find time to travel, sail, and spend quality time with those closest to him.


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