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In the Media - Just Posted on My Website

In the last few years I've been interviewed, written about, and have contributed articles to various publications.

I've just posted a resource page on my website for those of you who are interested.

Network 2 Networth in the Media - Click Here

I hope they help build the case of the importance of establishing yourself in your markets and letting people know about what you are up to.

Also, you may find them useful resources to share with your business partners to help them understand exactly what it is that you are trying to achieve in your own quest for Business Development.

There is a lot going on and I will be writing about it extensively over the next week or so - stay tuned . . .

Raymond Chip Lambert
Network 2 Networth
Deep Business Development

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The Magical, Wholistic Nature of Social Networks

Those of you who subscribe to my blog know that I am as strong believer in building solid, strategic, well-thought out networks.  Further, I am a HUGE proponent of LinkedIn (that's why I teach courses on getting started with LinkedIn) because we spend the majority of our lives engaged in our professions - and the social falls out of that.

I got an email and a request to forward and introduction today that I thought I would share with you.  It illustrates the magical, wholistic nature of networks.  The introduction request looked like this:

Hi Chip, you've inspired me to explore LinkedIn in more depth! See my note to XXXX. This is a CLASSIC example how this power here.

A---- R---’s note to XXXX:

Hello XXXX,
I found your profile today when I was doing a search for Bob Proctor. I love his work and get his Daily Insight email. Then, your profile shows that we have a contact in common, Chip Lambert. I also noticed that you have a Nikken site. My good friend J-- W---'s wife is really into Nikken here in Arizona. You two should talk!

Gotta love how LinkedIn works!

And it was quickly followed by an email to both myself and J--:

Just wanted to share this experience I have with LinkedIn this am. You and Chip have inspired me to explore it further, so I was doing some searches for people I know and admire. I typed in Bob Proctor to see what I could find. At the top of the list was a woman named XXXX. She must work for Bob's coaching organization. Then, I saw that Chip was one of her connections! In reading here profile I saw that she is a NIKKEN rep! I contacted her and told her about (your wife) and that the two should talk. 

This illustrates the power here! Literally one blind search connected several dots with people I know. (emphasis mine)


While names here are withheld to protect privacy, this illustrates the power of networks.  Especially online SOCIAL networks.  The technology unlocks the true potential of your network because it connects the dot for HUMAN BEINGS. 

We are social creatures.  Our friends - social.  Our colleagues - social.  Our prospects - social? Our customers - social?  You betcha.  And if you miss that point, you are missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Why do you think 18 million people use LinkedIn?

Why do you think the blogosphere is so enormous?

I suggest that we are in the middle of a revolution in our capacity to relate.  And revolutions cause chaos, confusion, misunderstanding, uncomfortableness, skeptics, zealots, humbugs, and millionaires.

Which are you?

Jump in.  The water is profitable.

Raymond Chip Lambert
Network 2 Networth
Deep Business Development


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A Big Mistake in a Social Media

received a message in my LinkedIn Inbox today from someone who says they are an expert in Sales, Marketing, and Advertising.

Except I didn't ask for it. In fact, I'd never really indicated any interest in him or what he does. We had connected via LinkedIn. Except he never cultivated any kind of relationship with me.

I may have had an interest. I may have even been a good partner for what he does.

But because he never took the time to really get to know me, I disconnected from him and sent an email explaining myself.

His email read as follows:

Thought this dynamic event might be of interest to you.
Hope all is well and you're staying booked! I am taking a moment to write you personally to tell you about an incredible program coming up here in Atlanta with myself, Fred G. . ., and Matt B . . . This is a superstar lineup of master marketers.
It's all about product development and information marketing. Please check it out. (his website) If you are interested we're accepting only 80 students. Please help us to spread the word and help us get people involved. I wanted to send you and a few of my friends this personal, one-on-one note before we mass marketed the event. Please take a look at the website, its beyond your wildest expectations.
Hope everything is good and prosperous for you.

No personal greeting. A thinly veiled attempt at cordiality. A request for me to promote him and his stuff. A thinly veiled offer with an impending event - standard sales letter stuff.

And he expected me to be interested? And to help him. I don't really know this guy.

My response was a follows:

I've removed you from my connections for the inappropriate use of this platform.
Sorry that you've misunderstood my willingness to connect.

Do yourself a favor. Remember that the people you are connecting with are just that - people. If you want them to opt-in to receive your marketing, have them do that. Make them an offer. Make it attractive. Give them lots of value. But have them opt-in.

If you want them to help you - contact them personally. Ask for their help. See if it is appropriate for them to participate with you. Remember that this is a SOCIAL media.

Old time shotgun marketing doesn't work in a SOCIAL context. It just pisses people off.

And you could be shooting yourself in the foot and damaging relationships than can really make a difference for you, your partners, and your potential clients.

Raymond Chip Lambert
Network 2 Networth
Deep Business Development

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