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Linked In for Realtors - Just found an interview I did with David Crumby on Google

Thought you might have an interest in listening to an interview I did with David Crumby of Assist2Sell that he posted for his franchise network.

I found it with my Google Reader search for my own name (something you may want to consider as people are more and more writing online).

Here's a link to the post "LinkedIn Expert Audio Interview" on the Assist2Sell Today blog.

Or you can click here to listen to it.

I'm beginning to really use LinkedIn as a way to get the idea that a network is a powerful thing and that it takes strategy to work a network. 

I'm of the opinion that most people work networks from a tactical perspective, and I hope that this interview, which was originally designed as a conversation for LinkedIn for Realtors, sheds some light on that.

Let me know what you think.

Raymond Chip Lambert
Network 2 Networth
Your Outsourced Business Development Training Partner



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Beyond Small Time Clever - an update

The last few weeks have been nothing short of amazing.

As I've begun to drill down and clearly identify and articulate what I do for attorneys, CPAs, and financial planners, a literal avalanche of opportunities has presented itself.

Our positioning statement is: We help established small- to medium-sized professional firms leverage their book of business by shifting their relationship to that book from one of transaction-focus to one of strategic asset development.

I will be speaking about the power of LinkedIn® to facilitate that process at the Small and Solo Law Conference in Los Angeles this week put on by the Rainmaker Institute, LegalTech, and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.  It began with a clear articulation of what I was trying to accomplish and a conversation with Stephen Fairly.  I've written for the Magazine that is being launch at the conference (and I've been asked to potentially write a series) and there are some more exciting things in the works given the relationships I am building. I will continue to update you as things roll out.

Suffice it to say - if you have an attorney in your network, invite them to subscribe to this blog.  We'll have lots of resources for them in the not too distant future.

I've also begun in earnest to address the CPA market. 

What I've found is that many small to medium firms have no marketing plan whatsoever.  They grow primarily by organic referral.  Our Business Development Intensive is perfect for this market because we work with these firms to tap into their already existing client base to determine their markets, find and work their leverage points, and design a systematic approach to firm growth. 

One firm I worked with grew by 25% in 6 months.  And this was a well established, highly regarded firm here locally (Phoenix Market). 

We are also now offering, in partnership with a marketing firm that has served over 6000 professional services companies, a comprehensive 2-day marketing audit that leaves the firm with a roadmap of exactly what additional marketing steps to take to achieve the results they are looking to accomplish.

I'm looking for suggestions to position this new offering into the market (via word-of-mouth - We'll be using some of the marketing strategies we espouse in other media) so if you have any, or know someone I should be speak to please let me know.

I also recently spoke at the Women in Insurance and Financial Services Phoenix Chapter launch on June 10th.  If you are a woman who works in financial services or insurance, I would recommend that you contact Tisha Diffie, the president, and get to their next meeting in August.

I found as I was speaking, many of the women in the room understand that the strategies that had them reach a certain level of success now leads to a plateau in production.  As I spoke about leveraging their networks and using LinkedIn® to help facilitate the process, the lightbulbs began to go off.  I expect that many of those in attendance will be going back to their book of business with a different set of eyes and I'll be looking forward to hearing from some of them as they apply what I spoke about.

Again - if you know a successful producer who has plateaued, please introduce me.  I can help them.

As always, I welcome your feedback and input.

The journey from Small Time Clever Continues.

Raymond Chip Lambert
Your Outsourced Business Development Training Partner


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