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A Conversation on Abundance

I am an avid reader of the on and from time to time I interact with a post there.

One of the moderators and founders of the group, posted this on the board this morning:

Many of us yearn for abundance, pray for abundance, align ourselves for abundance but, forget to prepare ourselves for abundance.

Now, some may think that aligning oneself with abundance is the same thing as preparing oneself for abundance. However, that's not necessarily the case any more than aligning your car with a
superhighway without making sure that it's prepared for the increased speeds of a superhighway.

The reason I ask this question is because I caught myself being
inundated with a multitude of good looking offers and while looking around my work space, I realized that I was not quite prepared to properly process the abundance of incoming offers.

(Of course, I can and will remedy this! :-))

So, are you prepared for the abundance you've been seeking?
Vincent Wright

Here was my response:


This is a great observation.  One which I share with my students in the Business Development Intensive.

In terms of Network Development and Resource Development, our current networks and resources are arranged and "trained" to deliver us exactly what we have.

To manage a breakthrough into abundance - meaning actually being able to hold it - on must consciously arrange our networks and resources to hold abundance.

Think about this - the wealthiest people I know work less than I do, physically "do" less than I do, and out produce me dramatically.  Why?

Because they have teams of people who help them produce their results.  They have structured their resources differently than I have, and they don't rely on their own "knowledge" to get them through.  In fact, the opposite is true.  They go to their networks to find what they need.

Think Ford.

I posit that a breakthrough into abundance has more to do with your relationship to the resources and people in your network than it does with anything else.

Of course - brilliance helps.

And you, my friend, have plenty of that.

Thanks for all you do.

Raymond "Chip" Lambert

Deep Business Development


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Looking at your networks newly unlocks the potential of the relationships you already have.

I recently listened to a podcast from Stan Relihan and Christian Mayaud (two big names in the Social Media space) and in their conversation, Christian talked about how he manages the contacts and relationships in his networks.  He shared his taxonomy - CAN (Currently Active Network), FAN (Formerly Active Network), and PAN (Potentially Active Network).

As I thought about this and the application to what we teach in network and business development, this struck me as especially powerful.  Think for a moment; You've got a new product, or market, or what not, and you do an audit of your network to see what resources you already have - CAN-FAN-PAN.  You see that you can reach into your networks and begin the planning of how you are going to position yourself and you have people who you already know who can help you.

With the power of LinkedIn, you can also quickly ascertain who you need to meet in the space, and you can look to see who you used to know.  You may need to do some work to rekindle or build some of those relationship, but you will not be needlessly wasting your valuable time and resources.

I recommend that you take a few moments now to do this exercise.  It will open your eyes to a whole new world. 

Build it deep and build it strong!


Raymond Chip Lambert
Network 2 Networth
Deep Business Development


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Recession and Relationship


I was on the way home from a client meeting this morning, listening to talk radio and the announcer, Daryl Ankarlo, talk about the possibility that with gas at nearly $4 a gallon, the weak dollar, 500% increase in foreclosures, we are on the precipice of a recession.

It struck me that the people who really suffer in recessions are people who have not taken the time to build their networks.

I wrote about this in an earlier post.  Taking care of the relationships we have, while sometimes daunting, is critical.

This is especially true when things get scary or shaky.  If we have not taken the time to build and nurture our networks, we go it alone.

Who's there to help you when you fall down?  Who's there to help you build your business? Who's there to turn you onto new resources?  Who's there to help you find a new job? New clients? New sources?

If you haven't really begun the work in earnest - don't fret.

People are intrinsically generous.  Especially the ones we've made a difference with.  If you reach out now and begin to let the people in your life know what you need, know what you are working on, and offer to be a resource for them as well, they'll rise to the occasion.


If you haven't taken the opportunity to do our LinkedIn Webinars, please consider doing that now.  Build it before you need it.


Raymond Chip Lambert
Network 2 Networth
Deep Business Development


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Building a Network of Value - My first Event


Last Tuesday I launched Integrated Alliances here in the Phoenix Market with a VIP, invite only event at Ruth's Chris Steak house.

With two colleagues, Bill Austin and Bob Denton, we generated 113 RSVPs and 86 VIPs in attendance - in 2 weeks.

I'm completely floored - even with all the training I have. And something even more interesting is happening - I am now perceived differently in the communities I already participate in.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well, it illustrates a few things.

  1. The power of a network and a clear focus. With very little time and a clear outcome a great event was created. With it's focus around the LinkedIn Platform (a network), a few key individuals (a network), and a clear vision, mountains got moved.
  2. Be a leader in your network and cause connections - real world connections - it alters how your network perceives you. I cannot even begin to describe the shift that has happened within the conversations I've had in the last week. It's surreal.

If you are in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, a high-level player, a reader of my blog, and a user of LinkedIn, I'd like to invite you to join our mailing list for the IA - Linkedin Live! Events. Go to and join the list. We'd love to have you join us!

Here's to the power of networks, of people coming together around a common cause, and of the magic that gets created when they collide.

Raymond Chip Lambert
Network 2 Networth

Deep Business Development


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