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Xobni - An Outlook Tool to Transform Your Experience of the E-mail Jungle

xobniInbox spelled backwards - it does just that.  It turns your experience of your email on it's ear.  And it's FREE

Instead of having to fish through thousands of emails in your inbox, or setting up complex rules - that sometime work, sometimes don't work - Xobni's add-on to outlook shows you all the key data related to your contact, the Xobni-Full Snagitcommunication you've had with that contact, and the documents that you've exchanged between you.  

All this happens outside of Outlook itself - in Xobni's indexing process.  This means that you can preview all of these pieces of the interaction jungle  before you need to open any relevant communications.

You can easily search for people with their built in search bar and it calculate the pattern for when you receive emails from the contact.  That way you know when you are most likely to catch them at their computer.  The analytics tell you how many emails you've sent, how many you've received, and ranks the contact via the number of communications you've had.  . 

Are you interacting enough with the key people in your network?  Quite an eye opener

Another very cool function is the "Schedule time with" link.  It will check your Outlook calendar and open up an email with your availability for the next 5 business days so you can send it to your contact to set meeting.  Very Handy!

Xobni also has a built-in LinkedIn function which allows you to click right over to a contact's LinkedIn Profile.  

All in all a very handy tool

A special thanks to N2N Student Toni Allen who called me raving about it's functionality.

Raymond Chip Lambert
Network 2 Networth
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  1. jessica said...

    Nice and thoughtful writeup here on Xobni. There's several discussions going on with this topic on several boards I participate in. It's nice to see some new opinions versus the same one's all the time.

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